Fine Art Wedding Stationery

Stationery is the only tangible part of your wedding that guests will keep;
let’s make it something they’ll want to frame.

What is Bespoke and what is Semi-custom? Bespoke invitations are heirloom designs created from the ground up with two people in mind: you and your fiancé. Our semi-custom invitations are pre-designed suites that are made to fit you by adding your specific details or custom artwork to one of our collection layouts.

Bespoke invitations are for the host who wishes to make an announcement their friends and family won’t forget. These pieces are keepsakes featuring heirloom artwork and handmade details that will wow your guest from start to finish. Your stationery suite will be one of the most intimate and important parts of your wedding day.




This chapter of your love story began with a proposal; that’s where we’ll begin too.

Our bespoke experience features our most tailor-made and luxurious paper wardrobe suite. We use heirloom quality cotton paper and archival printing: each invitation your guests receive is a fine art print. Your proposed suite package starts off with an invitation, reply card, envelopes and liners for each. We include custom calligraphy throughout your suite and your bespoke artwork is incorporated on both the front and back of your pieces. Your envelopes will be addressed by hand using your suite’s developed calligraphy style. A keepsake return address stamp will also be made with your matching calligraphy and type that you’ll be able to use beyond your wedding goods. Gypset Creative then assembles, stuffs, seals, stamps, and mails out your invitations to your guest list. Your bespoke package also includes your own wedding logo or crest.

We absolutely love customizing your paper suite with unique details that set your invitations apart from the rest. Including suite enclosures with your paper pieces and wax seals featuring your newly designed wedding crest elevates your suite with a priceless touch. We offer digital, letterpress and foil printing, and handmade papers and vellum as options to further customize your paper goods.

Your wedding stationery carries your wedding brand from start to finish, including paper goods and signs for your wedding day. Let us know what other paper pieces you’re envisioning when you get in touch.


A priceless service: setting the tone, demonstrating formality, and establishing your clear,
personal style for the big day.

Romantic Wedding Invite with Silk Ribbon

Because it’s the only visual representation your guest will receive before your actual event, stationery is often one of the first three aspects to decide when planning a fine art wedding.  Gypset Creative creates heirloom goods that last a lifetime. When you book with us, you get more than a package of paper goods: you get a team of design professionals and artists who curate your vision and provide you with the materials that establish your cohesive wedding design.

In our initial consultation we’ll cover everything pretty and romantic for your wedding day, and we’ll also learn about your budget. Our pricing reflects the truly comprehensive artwork, calligraphy, and design services that you will only find with Gypset Creative. Pricing is based on quantity and printing method, and will include a tailored design experience centered on you and  your fiancé.

With Gypset Creative your options are limitless, and we will tailor your paper wardrobe so that it fits your needs perfectly. 

Parts of a Suite

Your suite, your rules.

Our bespoke invitation suite inherently comes with an invitation, reply card, detail card, and corresponding envelopes with matching envelope liners. You may also want paper goods beyond what’s included in your guest’s envelope. We love designing and producing custom pieces for our couples, including vow booklets, love letters, or ceremony backdrops to name a few. When you purchase our bespoke services we are here to create whatever we can dream up together. Below is a list of the paper pieces we produce the most often, and you can let us know what you need additionally when you fill out our form.

Design Timeline 

First step is securing us for your wedding stationery by filling our or quote form. Once you accept our estimate, we will send over a welcome packet with all the forms and information you’ll need. After we’ve processed your deposit, you will have secured a spot on the Gypset calendar!

Once we’re committed we’ll start with your design consultation. We’ll set up a phone date to get to know you and hear your ideas about your big day. This meeting will help us come up with your dreamy mood board.

Next we’ll sketch out what we envision for your paper goods. We’ll email over our concepts and lay them out so you have a visual direction for your wedding stationery. This is where every detail will get nailed down before we begin creating your artwork.

Then we’ll start producing your artwork and getting your feedback through design “proofing”. We will also request your guest address list during this time if we are addressing your envelopes. This is a time sensitive phase and requires immediate feedback from you to keep your timeline on track.

Production time! Once you’ve signed off on your final proof, Gypset will kick into full production mode and bring your suite to life. Keep in mind that chosen printing methods can affect production time.

Finally we’ll get your new paper beauties in the mail and on their way to your guests! We offer complimentary assembly, stamping, and mailing for our couples who choose us to do their envelope addressing.


Calligraphy + Hand Lettering FAQ

Calligraphy is the act of writing with a pointed nib and ink. Calligraphy can be accomplished in one pass through where thicks and thins are accomplished depending on the pressure you apply to the paper. Hand lettering is that act of drawing out your words with a tool and takes multiple passes to complete a desired look.

Yes! We offer spot calligraphy/hand lettering orders, envelope address, or signage for your wedding. Just get in contact with us by filling out the form under stationery services.

We will do either. Most often, though, for à la carte orders you will be providing the materials.

If you’re local to one of our HQ locations we can plan to meet up or you can drop them off/pick them up yourself. Otherwise you can just ship them to us and we will ship them back.

As soon as you know what you want on your materials! The minimum turnaround time is 10 business days however this does increase depending on the amount of materials needed.

Yes. There is a standard $50 rush fee that will be applied to your estimate/invoice.

We work with all different types of ink. For hand-lettering we will usually choose a specific pen depending on the desired look you are going for. We work with india ink, gouache, watercolor, and metallic inks on a daily basis. The ink we choose for you will depend on the desired look we are trying to achieve and the type of paper we will be applying it to.

To secure your project on our calendar we require a 50% down deposit before starting.

Absolutely, please! We ask for at LEAST 10% extra envelopes in the case that we have mess ups. Plus we always need extra for testing ink.

We ask that your address list be formatted according to several specifications. This helps us in aligning and minimizes mistakes, saving us both valuable time and money. If your list is sent without being in the following format, we will send it back to you for reformatting which will incur additional fees. The estimated time of completion for your project begins when your list is approved. Your list should be sent as a word, pages, or shared google document. Don’t worry, if you book us we will go over all of this again.

Yes! We have multiple styles of calligraphy and hand lettering we can do. We determine the style based on our interpretation of your vision. If you have something specific in mind please let us know.

Most often we can but it also depends on the font style and materials you are using.

There is always some MIA pieces when dealing with mass delivery, hand addressed or not. This is why we always suggest ordering more than you plan on sending. Envelopes are sent through a machine to be read initially. If the machine cannot read them, then they are hand inspected to be delivered to the appropriate location.


We have a couple of workshops on the horizon – keep an eye on our social media pages for upcoming dates and locations! If you’d like to schedule a private seminar for yourself or a group, please shoot us an email and we can set up your class!

Because pricing is dependent on quantity, preferred printing method (if you have one), what pieces you would like to include in your suite and any details you already have in mind, please request a bespoke quote by filling out the form on our site.  We will then ask any additional questions and get pricing over to you.

Stationery FAQ

The best way to get started is to fill out our form online. Following your submission we will send you an email to schedule a time to speak over the phone.

Yes! You will receive digital proofs via email throughout the design process. The proofing process is extremely important to ensure that there are no errors before moving to print.

Because each piece we create is custom, we do not have samples on hand. If you’d like samples of our past work you can request them via email, however we might not be able to fill your request due to lack of physical samples. You can always view images of our past work through our website portfolio or our social media accounts (@GypsetCreative). Once you have approved your final proof and your suite goes to print we will mail you a physical sample. By booking us you are relying on our professional expertise to ensure the utmost quality with every item produced. We will not let you down.

Bespoke pieces take four to five weeks to design and another four weeks for printing and shipping. Ordering and testing paper and ink can also take 1-2 weeks. The physical writing portion of the process (envelope + spot calligraphy) is usually about a week and a half, depending on the number of invitations or pieces needed. Standard turnaround time from accepting your deposit through completion is 12 weeks

We believe that every part of your wedding stationery, down to the wording on your invitations, should reflect your unique vibe and the mood you’re setting for your wedding. When we start working together we will send you a detailed questionnaire that goes over all the pertinent information.  From there, we put together wording based on your unique style that fits perfectly with your bespoke invitations.

Illustrations, hand lettering, painting, watercolor and graphic design are our specialties, and everything is created custom for each piece. We’re also in love with old-school printing techniques including letterpress, embossing, and foiling. We’re versatile designers, and adding new techniques and mediums to our treasure chest all the time. If you have something in mind let us know!

Absolutely! Travel and adventure are our middle name, and we love working with couples to express their love around the world. We’ll be able to give you more info on shipping when we put together your quote.

Always order at least 10%-15% more than you think you will need. There are steep fees to print more invites once your order is placed.

Make sure you’re not rushing yourself so you have time to enjoy the process. We recommend your bespoke suite be the second thing on your wedding to-do list right after your venue! See above for our turnaround time for physical invitations.

When we put together your quote we will provide you with a suggested timeline for your print materials, including your shipping dates from us and shipping dates to your guests. We recommend that save the dates should be mailed at least six months prior to your wedding. Invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks from the big day for a local ceremony and ten weeks prior to a destination wedding. Keep in mind that the process of designing, creating, and shipping your pieces can also be a month or two long.

Yes! For an additional $1.25 each we will assemble, stuff, stamp, and seal envelopes. For customers who choose to have us do envelope addressing, this service is free.

We prefer to address, stuff, seal and deliver your suite. It takes a ton of stress off of you and you have the peace of mind knowing your stationery is in professional hands. However, if you choose to do this yourself we can ship a number of ways depending on where you’re located and what needs to be shipped. Security, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness are of utmost importance when shipping your bespoke stationery. We would be more than happy to ship via your preferred method if you let us know in your questionnaire.

In order to maintain the quality of our product and artwork, we handle all of the printing ourselves and ship you a finished product.

Our standard is 220lb pure paper in several shades of white for invitations. We also offer a variety of paper options based on your printing method and design, and can resource specialty colors to coordinate with your wedding design.

We offer flat printing, letterpress, or foil printing. If you are interested in any other methods please let us know.

Yes! We prefer to address your envelopes so that all your calligraphy/handlettering stays consistent across all paper materials at your big event.

We create each stationery suite to reflect the love and personality of each couple we meet. It is our desire to express your unique love through one of our bespoke designs.

Depending on the scope of work your are wanting (save the dates, invite suite, day of items, etc) your payment schedule may vary between two payments or more. We always require a down deposit to get started on any job. Your estimate will outline payment methods and process.

Either! However, we will always want to meet you for an in-person or phone consultation to kick off the design process in order to understand your vision.