This is Us

The Women Behind Gypset Creative

Tay and Mack grew up together in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas. They instantly became best friends from the moment they met on the soccer field, and ever and always dreamed of their big lives outside of their rural upbringings. Taylor graduated from University of North Texas and began working from Dallas, London, and Canada, while Mackenzie graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and started her career in France, Austin, and Cleveland.

After college they found themselves in the same niche industry but in different locations. They were both designing clothing for luxury-casual fashion labels and wearing the many hats required in creative startups. After several years working for others, they decided it was time to take the leap and make the beautiful things that they loved and enjoyed.

“We knew it was time to fulfill our souls with the art and passion that we’ve been building up since we were young enough to pick up a pencil and draw.”

Gypset Creative is the love child of their crave for adventure and eye for design. With combined art degrees and extensive training in varying fields of commercial design and fine art, Mackenzie and Taylor bring wedding stationery to a new height of luxury. Each paper wardrobe is tailored to fit you perfectly, with original artwork, calligraphy, and heirloom designs you’ll be holding onto for a lifetime.

A Luxury Service That’s Worth Every Penny

Time and time again our brides and grooms come to us after their big day, saying how they had no clue how much time and energy goes into handling wedding design and stationery. Often times, an entire wedding is designed and planned based off of the stationery goods we provide. Our couples are so happy they chose to hand off this task to the professionals – all we ask is for your inspiring love story and we handle the rest.

All About Travel and The Unconventional

Our aesthetic pulls from old world techniques, new age style, and our adventures around the world. While we love tradition, we also know how important it is to make your own way in the world. We carve our own creative paths with each design we make in order to represent the new, beautiful future you and your partner are creating together.